Onze burgemeester aan het woord op de UN

UN Jan Durnez
wo, 19/10/2016 - 12:53
Jan Durnez

Onze burgemeester aan het woord op de UN, lees hieronder zijn speech.

Message from Mayor Durnez and Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima on the occasion of the Planting Ceremony for a Second-Generation A-bombed Ginkgo tree


Dear Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-Moon

Dear Ambassador lhara

Dear director- General of (UNOG) the United Nations offices at Geneva Mr M011er, Dear director of UNITAMr Seth

Dear Mister Horiguchi,

Dear Honorary guests, representatives, Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am deeply honored to be presenthereon the occasion of the planting ceremony for a second-generation  A-bombed ginkgo tree at the UN Office at Geneva. As mayor from a small city in Belgium l'm honored to speak on behalf of Mayor Matsui from Hiroshima and the 7146 member cities of our organization Mayors for Peace.


My little  city of Ypres in Belgium was in the middle of the Western f,rontline during the  first  world  war and was totally  destroyed during  3 major battles. The Second Battle of Ypres started with the German gas offensive of 22 April1915. The Germans would  use the  same weapon five more times in the following  battles. This means that Ypres remains linked to the first large-scale deployment  of the gas eapon eternity, although  it was two  years and two  months  later that the name of Ypres would  also be linked to asphyxiating gas. When the Germans fired grenades filled with  mustard gas over the  Ypres Salient from July 12th 1917 on. The burning and aften (temporarily) blinding mustard gas was later called Yperite.


My city has been rebuilt  and since 1985 the city adopted the second name: City of Peace.

-    The city council of Ypres will from its own past continue to raise its voice in the however still actual debateon war and Peace.

-    The city  will  continue  to  support  persons and  organisations  wh6  make a special contribution to peace, through its international Peace Prize.

-    The city will continue to contribute to initiatives that aim to abolish chemica! and other weapons of mass destruction. The city's engagement in the network of Mayors for Peace is a logic  consequence.


foto: United Nations website

Onze burgemeester aan het woord op de UN, Jan Durnez

Onze burgemeester aan het woord op de UN, Jan Durnez


Onze burgemeester aan het woord op de UN, Jan Durnez